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Education & Training

For us, education and training are more important than advertising.

We believe this, along with bringing innovative products to the UK market, is how we can best help you to solve the Achilles heel of Haemodialysis - vascular access.

Meetings & Workshops

Based on your requests and feedback, we have the following topics available as potential items for your customised agenda, that xtra-med can facilitate for you:

  • Understanding of fistula anatomy physiology and maturation
  • Ideal vascular access for Haemodialysis & Access type by preference
  • Maintenance of vascular access through effective needling
  • Rope ladder cannulation
  • Buttonhole cannulation – definition & History
  • Improving buttonhole cannulation – including the new clinical practice recommendations from the BRS vascular access special interest group
  • Bio-engineering observations of flow dynamics
  • Effective surveillance and monitoring of vascular access
  • Needle stick injury – the facts, the regulations & the practical aspects
  • Various practical sessions on use of buttonhole needles, safety needles & plastic fistula cannulae.

For more information, or to request a workshop (or mini workshop for a single trust) in your area please contact us.