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Blunt buttonhole fistula needles with scab picker

In 2016 The British Renal Society Vascular Access Special Interest Group published their clinical practice recommendations for the use of buttonhole technique for cannulation.

In it they cite some of the benefits of buttonhole cannulation as:

  • Prolonged fistula life span and reduction in interventions to prolong fistula life span
  • Prevention and reduction of aneurysm development
  • Reduced frequency of infiltration and haematoma formation following cannulation
  • Reduced pain during cannulation
  • Reduced bleeding at the end of haemodialysis treatments
  • Promotes self-cannulation

Xtra-med are pleased to be able to offer the following to support the implementation for these recommendations

  • A new range of blunt buttonhole fistula needles aimed at meeting the current clinical requirements from such products
  • Educational workshops on the new recommendations
  • The British Renal Society VASCULAR ACCESS special interest group’s clinical practice recommendations for use of buttonhole technique for cannulation of arteriovenous fistulae Read more

Wide range of needle types available

  • Needle Gauge: 14G, 15G, 16G, 17G
  • Needle length: 25mm (1”)
  • Tubing length: 300mm, 400mm

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